Athlete Viewpoint Launches AV Alert!

Athlete Viewpoint, the industry leader in the collection and analysis of student-athlete experience data, is pleased to announce the launch of AV Alert!.

AV Alert! is a timely reporting tool that combines elements of the traditional suggestion box with a high-tech whistle-blower tool, ensuring that student-athletes and staff can share information with you at any time.

“With a 100% campus partner retention rate, our institutions are extremely pleased with the depth of data they are receiving about the overall student-athlete experience.  We developed AV Alert! to complement thorough end-of season evaluations by providing student-athletes and staff a tool to share information or concerns as they arise,” said Jennifer Cross, Athlete Viewpoint Co-Founder. “Information can include anything from student-athletes missing dinner due to practice running late, to in-season challenges with a faculty member, to issues of safety and well-being.”

Co-Founder Michael Cross developed AV Alert! in conjunction with a current Athlete Viewpoint partner.  “This customized platform allows our users to craft language and integrate delivery in ways that align with the existing technology and culture of each campus,” said Michael.  “The campus designees receive immediate information and can then coordinate follow-up as needed.”

AV Alert! is the latest service offered by Athlete Viewpoint to enhance communication,  improve retention, and mitigate risk in intercollegiate athletic departments.