Research Results: The Academic and Athletic Experience of NCAA College Athletes during COVID-19

Athlete Viewpoint released results from their study “The Academic and Athletic Experience of NCAA College Athletes during COVID-19”.

Athlete Viewpoint is providing information about the impact of the COVID-19 shutdown by collecting and summarizing the views, feelings, and recommendations of college athletes from NCAA Divisions I, II and III.

The research:

  • gathered data about the college athlete experience during this challenging time;
  • gives insight to their feelings about returning in Fall 2020;
  • identifies best practices and student recommendations for consideration across the industry.

Results are being released in 3 parts:

  • Part 1 – Academics and Virtual Instruction
  • Part 2 – The Athletics Department & College Athlete Health and Well-Being
  • Part 3 – Play or Delay in Fall 2020

“This pandemic continues to be a fluid situation where campuses have to be prepared for numerous Fall 2020 scenarios.  We hope the information from this study helps inform decision-making across college athletics and infuses additional student-athlete voices to these discussions,” said Jennifer Cross, Athlete Viewpoint Co-Founder.

“Each of the areas we reviewed (academics; athletics; physical, mental and financial health; and views about return to campus) directly impact the well-being of the college athlete.  They provided insightful feedback about what is – and is not – working well for them while they are physically separated from their campuses and teams.”

Part 1: Academics and Virtual Instruction can be viewed here: College Athletes COVID Study – Academics