High Schools

We know that your role is demanding.

Whether you have oversight of one hundred student-athletes or a thousand, we know you face time, staffing and budgetary constraints as well as pressure from your school administration, coaches and parents. Athlete Viewpoint, from survey to results, offers actionable data to support your decisions and planning to ensure alignment with your mission of educating students through athletics.

Athlete Viewpoint helps you monitor your program year-after-year to see where you are improving and where you need additional resources. Share meaningful data with school leadership and your governing board to support budget requests, respond intelligently to involved parents, and improve the effectiveness of coaches, staff and your educational programming.  

We work with public junior high and high school athletic programs, charter schools, religiously affiliated private schools, school districts, and high school athletic associations
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See live data through our interactive,
web-based results dashboard

Athlete Viewpoint questionnaire on a mobile device

Designed by Experts

This instrument was developed with trained professionals and industry veterans to provide the user with the highest quality instrument on the market.

Easy Set-Up, Personalization, and Customization

Personalize the survey to reflect your school brand. You control the questions asked on the survey from a broad pool of options, and/or create custom questions that are important to you.

Easy Administration

We create a survey link for you to send to your students. Student-athletes get confidentiality and you get a higher response rate.


Hear directly from your student-athletes and families to make decisions that are informed by their experiences and opinions.

Secure and Confidential

Athlete Viewpoint data is protected by enterprise level security and privacy features that provide physical, operational, account, transit and application protection.

Trend Data

Examine internal trends over several years to see whether your teams and department are regressing, maintaining or progressing.

Excellent Customer Service

Once your results are in, Athlete Viewpoint is still here ready to answer questions or talk with you about what you are seeing in your dashboard.


Athlete Viewpoint allows me to drill down into my data in ways that I never have been able to before.  It helps me keep a pulse on potential risk areas so I can mitigate them BEFORE a major issue arises.  It gives students and parents a direct channel for constructive feedback and it has minimized the negative chatter we used to hear throughout the year.  And it’s helping me build a better budget by having real data to support my requests.

Athletic Director
2nd year user

As the Director of Athletics and Wellness with oversight of over 1100 student-athletes, I want to be sure our athletic department knows the thoughts, feelings, and needs of the students and families we are serving. I am grateful for the personalized attention that Athlete Viewpoint provides, and their ability to tailor and meet the needs of our community and department with their customized platform.

Director of Athletics and Wellness
2nd year user


What is Athlete Viewpoint?

Athlete Viewpoint is a survey tool and data analytics platform designed to help you directly understand the experience of every student-athlete and family. Your student-athletes’ views inform decision-making, strategic planning, and quality control for every aspect of your program.

Why do high schools use Athlete Viewpoint?

Every school has specific reasons for utilizing Athlete Viewpoint—enhance coach performance, manage risk, and demonstrate Title IX and gender equity compliance. It’s also a tremendous time saver for AD’s who are also juggling classroom/teaching responsibilities.

How can quality survey results help me?

Have you ever experienced any of the following scenarios…

  • Had an athlete’s parent call the Principal’s office because they aren’t happy about their son or daughter’s athletic experience?
  • Wished for more concrete information to guide your end of year evaluations of a coach who didn’t perform at the level you need?
  • Been asked to present information or a budget request to your Board of Education, Superintendent, or other school leadership/governance?
  • Had concerns about abusive, aggressive, suggestive or unusual behavior within your program?
  • Wondered what you don’t know about that you might ultimately be held responsible for?
  • None of these situations is enjoyable – but proactively discovering a problem is far better than being in reactive mode when a surprise lands at your feet and you’re in full damage control and image protection mode.

    The Athlete Viewpoint platform can provide you with the ability to assess any situation to discover what you, your student-athletes, and coaches and staff need to know – and do so in a confidential manner.

    My staff is overworked. Will this be extra work?

    Creating and administering your own survey takes valuable time that could be better used on other department needs that can’t be outsourced. With Athlete Viewpoint, you won’t have to figure out survey writing or computer programs, worry about survey administration, or perform time-consuming data analysis. Let our highly experienced team put the time in so you and your staff can work on other initiatives.

    What topics does your survey cover?

    Topics and questions are customized to your school’s interests. They can include: Coaches, Support Staff, Team Dynamics, Attitudes and Values, Facilities, Operations, Social/Emotional Wellness, Athletic Department Culture and Support, Academic/School Dynamics, and Demographic Issues. We have a growing database of over 500 questions, and the flexibility to study any aspect of your program that you deem important.

    Will I have to figure out how to analyze the results?

    No. We do the analysis for you so you can take immediate action on problem areas

    It’s a challenge to get students to respond to surveys. How will this help?

    We’ve created a survey that is designed for today’s student user experience—which means high rates of participation.

    Is the survey mobile friendly?

    Is the survey mobile friendly? Yes. 75% of student-athletes take their Athlete Viewpoint survey on a mobile device. This means students can take the survey anywhere at any time.

    Right now, my survey results don’t provide a big picture. Can you?

    Currently, even the best survey findings are reviewed in a vacuum. You have no comparison or context for your data. Athlete Viewpoint supports year-over-year comparison to see where you are improving and where you need to focus your limited time. You can also easily compare teams against each other. And if you are a school district, you can compare your member schools against each other as well.

    Will my data be safe?

    Yes! We use the best data security available to protect your information. Your data is 100% confidential and anonymous.

    What’s it going to cost me?

    We tier pricing to meet your needs and your budget. We support individual schools and entire districts. Contact us directly for a quote.

    Do you offer a survey for parents?

    Yes! We know that parents expect to have a voice too. We offer a separate customized survey to gather parent feedback about their child’s experience.