CoSIDA To Engage in 2020 Membership Salary Survey

Survey will go to members in early February with results available for discussion at the #CoSIDA2020 Convention in June

by Laurie Bollig – CoSIDA Director of Membership Engagement

In response to requests from members and as part of its advocacy efforts, the CoSIDA Board of Directors has approved the development of a comprehensive membership salary survey during 2020. CoSIDA will work with Athlete Viewpoint, a cutting-edge research and technology firm, to formulate content and distribution methods for early 2020 and expects to have results by the spring.

“In a rapidly changing profession, it’s helpful for our members to understand what the market will bear with regard to salary and benefits based on the skill sets needed to compete for jobs,” CoSIDA President Herb Vincent said.

CoSIDA’s 3,100-plus members represent diverse situations within the profession. Geography, size, mission, funding and association representation are all factors that will be considered when developing the survey tool. Staffing size and areas of responsibility will also be a consideration.

“We are excited to work with Athlete Viewpoint — a company that understands our members and their place within the athletic department structure — in this endeavor,” said CoSIDA Executive Director Doug Vance. “CoSIDA’s last membership salary survey was in 2015. The landscape of college athletics in general and athletic communications specifically has changed drastically. This survey will provide our members with a fresh set of data.”

All members will be given the opportunity to participate in the survey. Those who complete the survey will be provided the results free of charge. Members who choose not to participate will have the option of purchasing the results.

“We are excited to support CoSIDA’s desire to conduct research and provide data to their members in athletic communications,” said Jennifer Cross, Athlete Viewpoint Co-Founder. “This is a survey that CoSIDA members must take the time to complete because it is for their direct benefit. Budgets are tight, and the workload is relentless on every campus. CoSIDA’s leadership knows that the way to obtain additional resources is to demonstrate need using data and evidence.”

Members will be asked in January to update their CoSIDA profiles to ensure accurate distribution and delivery of the survey. To view your profile, click here.


Original press release issued by CoSIDA and can be found here.