Athlete Viewpoint Launches AV Exit.

Athlete Viewpoint, the industry leader in the collection and analysis of student-athlete experience data, is pleased to add AV Exit. to it’s portfolio of tools to enhance communication,  improve retention, and mitigate risk in intercollegiate athletic departments.

AV Exit. is a an on-line platform designed to aid sport administrators in capturing and and analyzing anecdotal information obtained through in-person student-athlete exit interviews. Like all other Athlete Viewpoint products, the platform integrates with each campus’ existing technology and can be utilized for senior exit, transfer exit and quit/cut interviews.

“Our institutions are extremely pleased with the depth of data they are receiving about the overall student-athlete experience.  We developed AV Exit. to complement thorough end-of season evaluations by providing student-athletes and staff a tool to better capture in-person conversations beyond handwritten notes that usually end up in a drawer,” said Jennifer Cross, Athlete Viewpoint Co-Founder.

Building on his industry expertise, co-Founder Michael Cross developed AV Exit to aid sport administrators in gathering and synthesizing information they hear from student-athletes as they are transitioning out of athletics. “Student-athletes sit for exit interviews for several reasons. They may be graduating so staff do a senior exit interview to gather feedback about their experience and begin to build institutional affinity for the future. Students may be unhappy with their team or at the institution and decide to transfer elsewhere, and we want to learn more about that. Or a student may decide to end their playing career but are staying at their institution.”

Michael said, ” Each of these conversations is important and can now be captured as they happen and recorded in a way that allows sport supervisors to readily examine, sort and analyze this information and utilize the results effectively.”

You can view AV Exit. by requesting a demo here.