Data Collection and Analysis for Athletics

Get the real story from your student-athletes and staff. Benchmark your department against other universities. Use actionable data and analytics to assess your program, drive decision-making and manage risk.


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What if you could improve your department in just one year? 

In this real-life example, you can see the coach on the left had a very difficult year as shown by significant amounts of red, orange and yellow in the dashboard.  The image on the right shows meaningful improvement for the exact same coach just one year later.  This coach now exceeds their peers nationally because they received support and specific feedback from their AD, and were committed to their own professional development. 

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Results from a survey from before Athlete Viewpoint was introduced
Results from a survey after Athlete Viewpoint was introduced


Student-Athlete Experience Survey

With the Athlete Viewpoint survey platform, you’ll gain insight and knowledge into your student-athlete experience, team and department culture beyond anecdote and hearsay.

AV Alert!

Our timely reporting platform – we took the traditional suggestion box and combined it with a high-tech whistle-blower tool to ensure that your student-athletes can tell you about anything at any time.

AV Exit.

Our student-athlete exit interview platform allows you to replace your handwritten exit interview notes with our computer/tablet-based platform. Quickly organize, review, analyze and print comments for the teams you oversee. Provides continuity across multiple sport administrators.  Fully customizable which allows for applications including senior exit interviews, transfer interviews and quit/cut interviews. 

Student-Athlete Educational Programming Evaluation

Athletic departments spend valuable hours and resources on educational programming for their athletes. Find out how effective your current offerings are and what’s missing for your students.

Department Culture Survey for AD's Starting a New Position

Learn about the perspective of your staff in a way that provides their candid feedback without fear of negative implications for their employment. An exceptionally valuable tool if you’ve been hired into an Athletic Director position. Have data upon arrival in your new role to save months of information gathering and shorten your learning curve.

Drill Down Surveys

Use one of our specialized surveys to take a deeper look into important areas such as department staff climate, diversity & inclusion, recruiting, the senior experience, and student welfare/mental health issues.

Conference Office and Championship Evaluations

Gather feedback about conference office staff, programs and services from member institutions, and evaluate the quality of conference championship events.

Professional Conference and Association Meeting Evaluations

Was your meeting or conference worth the investment of your attendees time and money?  What did they learn?  Will they be back?  Professionally designed and executed with easy to digest data at your fingertips.

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Campuses supported… and growing!

Supporting campuses and other organizations across the nation, Athlete Viewpoint offers customized solutions and unparalleled industry expertise.  We have retained 100% of our campus partners since inception.


Mobile Usage

Over 77% of student-athletes take their surveys on their phones.  But with AV, there is no app to download – it works with your existing campus technology regardless of your platform.


Response Rate

Average survey completion across all AV campus partners, with many departments over 90%.


Coach/Staff Feedback

100% of AV partners use data to evaluate coaches and staff.


Average Improvement

In Division I campus partner Net Promoter Scores after one year of AV use.


Health and Well-being

93% of AV partners use their data to assess student-athlete health and well-being.